The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Whimsey is mentioned in the novel Tarzan Triumphant by Edgar Rice Burroughs, in which the Earl's daughter Lady Barbara Collis appears. In Tarzan Alive, Philip José Farmer, noting the similarity of the names Wimsey and Whimsey, identifies the Earl as a younger son of the 14th Duke of Denver and Joane Clayton, who has been created a peer in his own right. Farmer identifies Barbara's mother as a member of the Collis family.

In Tarzan: the Savage Heart / Tales of Pellucidar, as published by Dark Horse Comics, Tarzan encounters one Tyrell Whatley, son of the late Earl of Whimsey. Perhaps the Earl married twice, and like Barbara (or leastways, Burroughs), Tyrell (or Dark Horse) chose not to hyphenate his parents' surnames.

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