Alicia Rutherford, Duchess of Greystoke, was the daughter of Sir John Rutherford, Bt., himself son of Lord Tennington. His son, Alicia's brother George Edward Rutherford, subsequently became the 11th Baron Tennington.

Alicia married John William Clayton, 3rd Duke of Greystoke, and was pregnant when in December 1795 they witnessed the Wold Newton Meteorite strike. It is presumed that she subsequently gave birth to their elder son Sir Jesse Clayton, 4th Duke of Greystoke although there is some discrepancy as to his date of birth in Tarzan Alive, the biography by Philip José Farmer that discusses their family and history. The second son of the Duke and Duchess was the illustrious and notorious General Sir William Clayton. Through their two sons, the Duke and Duchess are the ancestors of many famous people, such as Tarzan of the Apes.

The Duke and Duchess were lost at sea off Cherbourg in January 1801, and presumed dead.

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