Frank Bloom Tincrowder is discussed by Philip José Farmer in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life. As a young man, Tincrowder - a freelance engineer - spent a good deal of time in the South Pacific, in the company of Christopher 'Smoke' Bellew (subsequent to the events of Jack London's episodic novel Smoke Bellew). Later, Tincrowder married Allegra Shawnessy, and had several children, including Leo Queequeg Tincrowder, a science-fiction author.

In "Jonathan Swift Somers III: Cosmic Traveller in a Wheelchair", Farmer notes that Leo Queequeg Tincrowder's sister Samantha Tincrowder was cousin once removed to Samantha Tincrowder Somers, the mother of another science-fiction author,Jonathan Swift Somers III. Frank would therefore have been great-great-uncle of Somers III, who in fact subsequently became his son-in-law.

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