Violet Rutherford is, in Philip José Farmer's mythos, the wife of Siger Holmes and the mother of Sherlock Holmes and his siblings.

In Tarzan Alive Farmer refers to William S. Baring-Gould's Sherlock of Baker Street, in which Sherlock Holmes's mother is named Violet Sherrinford, and where her eldest son is Sherrinford Holmes. Farmer claims that Sherrinford Holmes never existed, and that the name "Sherrinford" (a name meaning a shallow place in a stream where sheep are sheared)was a back-formation from "Rutherford" (derived from hrythera ford, 'horned cattle of the ford'). Farmer's purpose in changing Holmes's background was to tie the detective more closely to characters like Tarzan and Lord Peter Wimsey, and his apologia is probably a piece of intentional self-parody.

Violet Rutherford's parents are the 12th Baron Tennington and Serena Blakeney.

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